Disable Tree Share

Is it possible to disable Tree Share. RM keeps trying to connect to ancestry.com, making it impossible to work with Roots Magic.

Settings>“Light Bulb”>untick “Web Hints” in the Ancestry section will stop the attempts to log on to Ancestry. It is NOT Treeshare causing the logon attempts but trying to get web hints.

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The login is cleared each time you close RM. When you reopen if you don’t login to TreeShare it won’t attempt to keep logging you in, even with WebHints enabled. If you want to logout you can click that button inside of TreeShare. It’s when you logged into TreeShare and it drops the connection that it will keep trying to log back in if WebHints are enabled. The other option then is to just turn off WebHints.

Sorry to be a bother, but I don’t know how to open settings. I am using RootsMagic 7 and I have not used my files in some time.

RM7 Tools>File Options>Web Hints

@RegC --you can no longer ACCESS Ancestry or Family Search thru RM 7 because of both requiring 2 step verification-- so while you are in there turning off web hints-- check and make sure everything under Ancestry and Family search is UNTICKED ALSO…

Thanks all. That helped.:+1: