Deskpins - A useful free Windows application

I do a lots of research and paste tons of information into Notepad for use in my genealogy work. I have my Notepad showing on top as I copy info to paste.
The problem is that when I change focus to paste my info, Notepad disappears.
I have lots more info to transfer and have to click up Notepad again, over and over. I discovered a small useful free windows program to keep Notepad pinned in view as I work. When I’m done, I just unpin it. It works with other apps as well. Here’s the url if anyone needs it:


Hi, Vibereader. Here is another way:

Windows 10 (after2018) has a built in clipboard manager. You can copy multiple items, then paste them in any order to your application. Just press the ‘Windows logo key’ and ‘V’ to access your clipboard. See this random website from a Google search:

Hi RedCanoe, I tried “logo V” but nothing happened.
I went to clipboard settings and I couldn’t turn on clipboard history.
Do you have to have a Microsoft account to use this?

A free app I use to copy and paste is puretext which strips off all codes (ie Html). Once installed, this little app sits in my task tray so when I copy something (cntl-c) from a web site, I then click on the puretext icon in my task tray, and then paste (cntl-v) the text in RM8. You can find it at

Did you check to make sure you were running a new enough version of Windows? I believe it was version 1809 where that tool came in to play. I am also assuming you do have a Windows computer and your not a Mac person playing tricks on us.

Thanks OleSeminole, I’ll get it and see what it does.
I can see it being useful for conversions but all my clipboard data is text. Deskpens just allows me to keep the data on screen in front of me.

kfunk, I’m using Windows 10 Pro version 20H2.
I believe Mac users are nice people too.


SOunds like it is disabled then. It can be turned on by going to Settings > System > Clipboard

kfunk, it is disabled, I’m trying to see if my not having a microsoft account has any effect on not being able to turn it on. If I have to have that account, it can stay off.
I save all my reference data from Notpad to a research file anyway.

Hi, Vibereader. It appears that getting ‘Logo + V’ to turn on and stay on is not necessarily an easy fix. It may depend on factors such as your upgrade status, your user status (user vs administrator), your Windows flavor (Home, Business, Enterprise), your account type (local vs MS), and so on. Below, I offer two (random) links from a Google search which seem to have a fairly comprehensive and detailed approach to the issue. Be sure to read the comments there-in, too, for additional hints and cautions.

Good Luck. I find ‘Logo + V’ to be a very useful and accessable tool. Making it work shouldn’t be so hard.

Thanks RedCanoe, I don’t necessarily need it, but I was concerned that I couldn’t access it. The best clue I have is that I don’t have a MS account which syncs with the cloud. I prefer my local account so it’s ok.

A very useful tip. Many Thanks

Your welcome, That’s the great thing about the people in this forum.

You could also use Notepad++ which I use all the time. It allows you to set it as the topmost app so it’s always on top, and if you close it, it always remembers all the tabs you have open so that when you open it again, all the stuff that was typed or pasted into it is still there. You don’t even have to save anything for it to remember them, although I do save really important items, just in case.
URL for Notepad++:


Root4Past, thanks for the recommendation, I’ve used Notpad++ as well, it’s a good app. The difference in Deskpins is that I can use it to pin other apps too.
Welcome to the community.

Having a Microsoft account has nothing to do with turning it off an on. I dont know where you were going with this outside of flogging Deskpins or something. Someone mentions the built in clipboard feature which you claimed not to have. I simply pointed that if you didnt have it, it was because you didnt turn it on. Use it, dont use it…no skin off my nose.

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Mr. Funk, Are you a moderator?
This is the second time you’ve been snarky with me. I let it go the first time.
If you don’t have anything constructive to say then please don’t say it.
Thank you, and have a nice day.


I still use the very old (free and very small) ClipX program (ClipX). It remembers your last 50 clipboard entries and allows you to paste them unformatted at the click of a button. Does not store images itself (such as those from the Windows snip tool).