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I am new to the program, so please bear with me as I muddle through my request/suggestion.

As I begin creating my database, I add a new person. The default has two fact items. (I don’t have the program on my iPad as I write this, so this is from memory.) One is the name and I’ve forgotten the other. I saw another post that asked why the birth fact couldn’t be part of the default, but that had been shot down by the majority.

For my work, I would like to see both birth and death entries as part of the default. To that end, to accommodate those who like the status quo, why cannot the user create the defaults they wish for their database on this initial screen?

If that is not possible, could the facts dropdown allow the user to select their default choices in the dropdown?

This could greatly reduce the size of the dropdown box. All would remain accessible, (perhaps labelled as others or full list) but only those deemed most pertinent to the user be visible. In my case, this would save me from having to scroll down to get to the death fact.

Another default selection could be to have the dropdown completely visible as it is now.

When the “Add Person” screen comes up, look to the lower left corner for the “Customize” button. From the “Customize Add Screen” you can add facts to the form and rearrange the order as you wish.

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Thank you! As I noted, I am still learning. I appreciate your feedback.


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