Assigning defaults facts to a new person

I am not sure if this question has been asked before.
Is there a way to set it up in RootsMagic so that when I create a new person, it will automatically assign certain facts into the person file?

For example. I would like RootsMagic to create the following facts every time I add a new person.
Portrait(my own fact)
Photos(my own fact)

No, there is no way to do what you asked!

I wonder if you might get close to what you want by creating a database with a dummy person having these facts. Then when you wish to add a new person, drag’n’drop the dummy into your database rather than using Add New Person. Then Edit the dummy in your database.

You can customize the Add Person screen to include whatever facts you want. You would need to put something in the fields, even a simple period, for it to actually add the fact. The customize button is at the bottom of the Add Person screen.


That is exactly what I was trying to do.

Thank you very much.