Default media viewers for jpg and pdf

Is there away to stop RM9 using its internal viewers for jpg and pdf and rather use the defaults set by windows? The windows packages have far great flexibility, eg edit and print to name just two! For media files in say Word, they open nicely with my Microsoft package.

If not can this be added as a feature request?


This has been much discussed on the past. A sort of compromise that RM8 and RM9 have adopted is that if you click on the Edit icon instead of the Open icon then RM opens the media file using the Windows default viewer.

There is a subtle distinction here. In my case, my Windows default editor for jpg files is Microsoft Paint and my Windows default viewer for jpg files is Irfanview. However, be aware that Irfanview will do editing and Microsoft Paint can be used just as an viewer if you wish. Just don’t edit anything with it.

When RM8 first came out, if I clicked on the Open icon in RM it used RM’s internal viewer and if I clicked on the Edit icon in RM it used the Windows default editor which was Microsoft Paint. Due to user complaint, this was changed so that clicking the Edit Icon in RM uses the Windows default viewer rather than the Windows default editor. In my case, that’s Irfanview and I’m a happy camper. I never click on the Open icon in RM when I want to see a media file of any type.



Many thanks, but now I feel embarrassed that I never spotted the edit icon! Works well


Many many thanks for this information. It has provided a work around solution for a problem by brother in the UK is having running RM9 on his Mac.
He has been getting a lot of errors on RM9 not recognising jpg files as a valid format. To date their technical support has found no solution.

This will let us both keep using RM9.

I am windows user and do not get the problems my brother has but your work around also works well for Word files that RM9 can not open properly.

This really shows the community works. Thanks again.

This is a wild guess because it’s an area of technology where I don’t have as much expertise as I would like. But I do know that somehow or other there is more than one JPG “standard” and that RM doesn’t support all of them. I’m already in over my head because I have no idea how to tell which JPG files meet which “standard” or even why there is more than one JPG “standard”. I don’t know for sure that this was your problem, but I think it’s at least a possibility.

My reply about RM’s separate Open icons and Edit icons for media files was specific to Windows because I’m a Windows user. But I’m not surprised that it works just the same on a Mac. I never use the Open icon, The Edit icon always works great and does exactly what I want.

One of the really bad things in RM7 was that the only way to get your JPG files to be opened in your computer’s standard JPG viewer from inside of RM7 was to enter them into RM7 as type File rather than as type Image. That made my image files unavailable for printing in RM7’s Scrapbook reports. Therefore, one of the best things for me about RM9 is that I can enter my JPG files as type Image and I can still view the files with my computer’s standard JPG viewer.

I’ve seen mentions of such an issue when iCloud Drive is used. There’s an option to keep a local copy of your files that are in iCloud Drive.