Customising sentences for individual facts

Sometimes the sentence template (even one you write yourself) doesn’t quite produce a sentence which reads well in a person’s Narrative Report, for example where the fact/event being described is pretty much unique to that particular person. When this happens I find myself (reluctantly) using the Customise option for that individual fact on the Edit Person screen. The only alternative I think would be to create a new Fact Type and write an appropriate sentence template. This might not always be easy to do, and I don’t want to clutter up the Fact List with too many infrequently used custom Facts. Does anyone have any views about whether using Customise is good or bad practice?

Bad practice would be to put data as text in the custom sentence because it will be outputted only in Narrative reports.

A custom sentence for each fact is the only way to avoid boring structural repetition and improve rhythm and flow of the story. An alternative is to embrace such repetition but eliminate verbs, pronouns by customising the default sentences to point form.