Custom Report - showing "Shared" person(s) names

I have Christening Facts for individuals in a Group. I have added Shared persons to these events. Created a Custom report “Christening Event Shared” with the following columns:
Name: Name - Surname, Prefix Given Suffix"
Chr Date: Christen Date
Chr Place: Christen Place
Shared: ???
For the Shared, I’d like to see the names of each person that I added to this field. Is there some way to do this?

Custom Reports do not support shared events so all you can see are the Principals in the events. Therefore the best you can do is to enter names into the Description field of an event, enable it for reports and select it as a column in your report.

The only reports that will show the persons in the non-Principal roles are the Narrative type reports, provided that sentence templates and appropriate variables are defined. See Sentence template language

It is unfortunate that the developers abandoned fulfilling the potential of sharable events, having gone only so far as to be able to list the feature as a new one. Bear that in mind with every new feature.

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It unfortunate for many users that Shared events could to so much more— I am thankful for them mostly for census currently – so much more missed opportunities,.