Creating a GEDCOM that only includes primary images

I would like to create a GEDCOM from RM8 that limits the links to media, to primary images only. Is this possible? I have looked at the GEDCOM options but cannot see that this is a feasibility. Your advice and help appreciated (Newbie)

The quick answer is that there isn’t a way to do it. However if you had certain facts that had media which you didn’t want exported, you could always go mark those facts so they do not export to GEDCOM. The downside is that you don’t get the information for the fact, but the media link doesn’t export. You could also manually go through the GED file and delete all of the links that you don’t want exported.

Do note that even though the links do export to GEDCOM, the images themselves do not!

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Many thanks kfunk. Looks like I may have to import the GEDCOM to a new database and then delete all the images/links just leaving the primary image/link before exporting. Should be fun with over 6000 people. Still, it will keep me busy !!

In the off-chance you can run PHP scripts, I wrote one to do just that. It removes all media in individuals, families, and facts, except the primary photos for individuals. It keeps the facts, but without the media. It can also remove certain “private” facts like religion and SSN. I use it to sanitize a GEDCOM prior to uploading to genealogy sites. However, you would need a local web server, like XAMPP, to run it.

Hi TreeTraverser

Many thanks for your reply and a few days back I would have taken you up on the offer but I have spent the time creating a new GEDCOM file by starting without any images and manually adding the primary photos in. It was actually a worthwhile exercise as I was able to add in many more than I thought I had as there were lots of group photos that I was able to create individual images from.

Thank you once again

If anyone wants the script, just message me.