(Count Trees) / Family Search / Relatives and connect those dots


I have over 10K people in my tree – and I had 9 broken trees before yesterday. A Facebook friend shared this tip on finding out – how your deceased relatives are related. I was able to eliminate all but one of those yesterday. It only took me less than 90 minutes of work. I will say I am almost overjoyed I was able to do this. I know many others in the past have mentioned struggling with broken trees before – so hopefully fix at least some of them.
I start with some caveats:
• You need FSID’s (Family Search ID’s in both “branches” / broken trees)
• You need a Family Search Account
• Your results may not be as lucky as I was
[EDIT] NOTE : The info in Family Search may not be correct and it could change even from yesterday – you need to verify what you have found.

  1. Create Family Search account if not already done
  2. Go to their other website https://relativefinder.org/#/login
    a. It will ask you for you Family Search credentials
  3. you will be interested in the connect Tab / two deceased people
    a. https://relativefinder.org/#/two-deceased
  4. Hopefully you have used FSID in RM.
  5. Go to your Roots magic tree
  6. Go to one of your broken trees – find person in broken tree with FSID – usually either some near bottom or top of tree is best to choose.
  7. Find someone in your main tree with FSID you expect likely to be related.
  8. Now go back to the Connect two deceased people (https://relativefinder.org/#/two-deceased)
  9. type those two FSID / hit submit
  10. Note: sometimes the website is a little quirky – you may have to resubmit. Also depending on distance of the path and demand on website this may take several minutes.
  11. If a result is found – you can then see a list of common ancestors which you then see the path which they are related
    a. Click one of the first (usually best) common ancestors and then view the chart – then you can save chart as PDF to work on later in RM
  12. If nothing found – keep trying various pairs until you do.
  13. You can also use Relative/Masquerade (https://relativefinder.org/#/masquerade)
    a. This will show you all “famous” people related to that person.
  14. I wish you luck!!


I think you may be missing a step, ascertaining that there is sufficient evidence to support that there is a valid genealogical linkage.

yes. That is important to note – the info in Family Search is not guaranteed to be accurate and needs to be verified, But it can help connect dots you would not have or have had trouble with.

No information found on online family trees is guaranteed to be accurate. Genealogists should always verify the info with research of their own.