Citation details are not updated when pasting and copying citations

I am having a problem with paste/copy of citations. I have been using the Directories (City or County) (images, online) source template for the City Directories from Ancestry. I created a citation for one individual and then used paste/copy to reuse the same basic citation for another person. Even though I change the Item of Interest, access date, and page number, the information from the first individual ends up in the footnote that RM8 creates. I can’t seem to change it. I have edited, closed the individual’s screen, and rebooted RM8. Nothing seems to change the footnote. Has anyone had this problem or am I missing something?

I have attached a screenshot to show the problem. Since I am a new member, I can attach only one picture. I have not lumped all the detail into the master source, and use the format associated with the Directories master source template. The attached screenshot shows the problem with the citation details. I pasted and copied another citation, but then changed several fields like the Item of Interest. These changes are not reflected in the footnote.

I have explored this a bit more. The problem seems to be with the Directories (City or County) (images, online) source template. I have done a similar paste copy with other source templates like Censuses and the footnotes updated as Citation Details were edited. I think there must be a problem with the sentence syntax in the Directories template. How do you access and change Source Template sentence syntax? Also, the RM guys should understand that there is a problem with this Source Template.