Footnotes not updating / displaying correctly

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed that the footnote information is not updating with the correct citation information when the “Paste Copy” function has been used to make a copy of a citation. I’m using the latest version with Windows 11.

The steps taken were:

  1. Memorised an existing citation (named “F0005O01 – Ada Franklin - …….”)

  2. Using “Paste Copy”, I’ve then amended the citation fields as required and named it “01 – Template - ………”

  3. Memorised the citation “01 – Template - …….” and using “Paste Copy” have created citation “F0011O01 – Francis Franklin - ……….”. The citation fields have been amended as required.

All citations, despite having different details, have an identical footnote. The footnote is the original one that reflects the citation details for “F0005O01 – Ada Franklin - ………”. Refer to the screenshots below.

The template used to create these citations was the “Website (with multiple databases)” noting that I’ve amended this template to move some of the fields from the source to the citation detail.

I use “Paste Copy” quite frequently and have not noticed this issue prior.

I’ve ran all the database tools in order – no issues are found, nor are the footnotes corrected.

Just wondering if others have experienced this issue?

I’m so sorry everyone but I’ve worked out the issue!

I’d previously customised the footnote “F0005O01 - Ada Franklin - …” and had inadvertantly forgotten. When I’ve copied this citation, the customised footnote details have carried forward to the new citations.

I’ve just reset the defaults on the “copied citations” (“01 - Template-…” and “F0011O01 - Francis Franklin - …”) and all is as it should be!

I’ve left this post here, rather than deleting, just in case someone else notices a similar issue and has forgotten to reset the defaults :sweat_smile: