Change order of citations

Is there a way to change the order of source citations for a person? Example: citations for birth can include birth certificate, bible record, gravestone info. I would like to be able to place the most important citation first, but the only way I can think to do it is to delete citations and recreate them in the order I want.


Deleting and recreating is the only way to change the order.

Thanks for the answer. I was afraid of that!

That’s not very good, it would be nice if this could be a new feature, it’s something that’s bugged me afor a long time now.

Since I put feature request in the topic, does that mean we are asking for that to be done in future versions? Don’t know how to request it, but certainly would like to.

It would be a good idea to submit this to RM support as an enhancement request.

Looked, but don’t see a specific place to make the request. I did tag it as a feature request, so hopefully it will happen.

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You don’t have to recreate - you can juggle the order using Memorize and Paste. You still have to do some deletions though when you get them in the order you want them.

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Correct. My bad on that one. And the Memorize and Paste approach is much easier than would be a full blown recreate.

Feature request made for a procedure to reorder citations. I suggested something similar to the screen for reordering children.
The problem with memorize and paste is I sometimes end up with 2 of the same citation - with both ways I accidentally kill a citation altogether and have to go to a backup to find it. Which is why reordering citations, which I would very much like to do, generally is not done.
Curious thing is, when I create a report - usually a narrative report - kick it into Word and then reorder the citations (they are footnotes in Word), Word often puts them back in the original order. Like there is some hidden numbering system that overrides my editing. That is why I want to do it in Rootsmagic.

I asked for a facility to sort citations alphabetically many years ago and I believe it’s still on their list. I guess they’ve had more pressing things on their minds since.

Ironically, this feature was in RM1, RM2, and RM3. It was missing from RM4 and has been missing ever since. However, I think some users wish for more than just an alphabetic ordering. Instead, they wish for an ordering that they can control, for example to place the most important citations at the top of the list. I would happily settle just for getting the alphabetical ordering back. Doing so shouldn’t be very hard to do at all.

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