Change default location of backup

How do I change the default location for the backup upon exit? I have a specific folder that I want the backup to go to.

I am not a pro but today after I set my specific back up folders up, on the home screen click the folder icon for Folder Settings and click on each line shown to see an arrow on the right and browse to the folder you want the default to be for that category. Hope this works for you as well as it did for me


I’m sorry. I am referring to RM8. I am on the home screen but I don’t see a folder icon. Am I just overlooking something? On RM7 I was able to change the default location to the folder I wanted. Not seeing it here in RM8. Can you help point it out? Thanks.

Open the RM8 database
Click the setting icon in the left hand column
Under the Tab “Program Settings” click on the folder icon (2nd icon from the left)
Click on the box labelled “Backup Folder” (Note the very small folder icon at the far right of the box allows you to browse for the folder)


Yes!! Thankyou. The whole thing was that little tiny very small folder icon at the far right. Once I did that it worked great. Thanks again.