Change Ancestry tree for TreeShare with RM9

Hello, how do I get an existing, RM9 file to connect with a different Ancestry Tree (which is a corrected version of my original Ancestry Tree, but with a different Ancestry tree name)? Thank you.

You don’t!

You can’t hook up and existing RM file to an existing Ancestry tree. If you want the Ancestry tree, you will need to create a new, and blank file, then use TreeShare to pull down the tree from Ancestry. Or you can disconnect your existing RM tree from the incorrect Ancestry tree and then Treeshare up a new one (which really doesn’t make sense).

Thank you for your reply. How would I disconnect my existing RM tree from the incorrect Ancestry tree?

Patrick Gannon
Father of Fallen K9 Sgt Sean McNamee Gannon, EOW 4/12/2018
Please visit

Settings->Web Hints->Ancestry Section->Disconnect from Ancestry Tree