Can't import GED from Roots Magic

My cousin sent me a GED from Roots Magic to my RMG and mine did not recognize it. The browser went to documents where it was but was not recognized.

How do you mean “sent to your RMG”. If he sent you a Gedcom file (which is a text file) then - assuming you are using RM8 - you open your RM8 and navigate to Files>Import Data>Import from RM1-7, Gedcom, or another Program and then import the Gedcom file from wherever you have filed it.

RMG is RootsMagic. I have RM8. I did try to import my cousin’s RM8 and I saw when looking in the documents folder that her RM8 GED (not Gedcom) was there. I did the import data and her RM8 GED was not seen in the documents. This has happened twice. I have has no problem importing before.

What is the file extension i.e. RM8 GED.rmtree or RM8 GED.ged or RM8 GED.???. As per Terry’s reply - if it is a .ged you will see it in Documents. If it is .rmtree then open it in a new and empty RM8.

If it has no extension then it is more tricky - best to ask your cousin for it to be exported as a .ged file and resent.

A stage further:
Try a backup copy of RM8 GED and add .ged to the copy. Open the copy in a text editor to see just what you have. Lots of control characters then it is not a ged.


Also what version of RM was your cousin using, and what version are you using?

RootsMagic 8 – both of us

I got another GED, imported it and it worked.

Thanks so much, Terry, rzamor1 & Dave for your help.

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