Cannot open Personal Historian 3 on MacOS

As part of the Holiday Offer from 2020, I received keys for PH3 and tried to install today having successfully installed RM8.

The programs installs OK but when trying to open (using Ctl+Click) the system seems to hang and then my screen goes blank and the restarts. I cannot launch PH3. My system is iMac 10.15 and the RM8 launches and runs fine.

Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem, running on iMac, OS Big Sur 11.6.
From the download page for PH3, it looks like the Mac version is only supported on “macOS Mountain Lion (10.8) through macOS Mojave (10.14)”

Once again, Mac users are shafted. Mojave 10.14 is quite a bit out of date.

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Oh, so they managed to get RM7 working with an updated wrapper before RM8 was released - this was to make RM7 work on 64-bit devices. Why not do PH3 at the same time - as I understand the wrapper is provided by a third party.

@rzamor1 - can you please shed some light on where us Mac users are supposed to go now.

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I, too, bought PH3 back in Oct '21 and decided to start using it today. I experienced the exact same thing! I’m now running Monterey 12.4. You’d think after all these months, the issue would have been fixed. So frustrating!!


It’s now a little over a year since the OP and still PH3 is limited to Mojave 10.14?

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Yep pretty sad - tutorials show this would be great to capture personal history - but without being able to work on MacOS losing customer opportunities. Is anyone even looking at updating this application ???

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Just got the 2022 holiday offer. I notice this won’t work on Big Sur either. PH3 is quite old (around 7 years). Is there any plan for an update/re-write? I realize the Rootsmagic re-write took much longer than anticipated and that updating PH3 might be quite the undertaking, but can someone from Rootsmagic comment on future roadmap?

Due to company policy and confidentiality agreements I cannot speak to Personal Historians’ future roadmap. I can confirm however that Personal Historian for PC & Mac are not being retired.

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Maybe not “retired” but a natural death being so old and unworkable on current platforms. :cry: