Brand new to RM, How to import into RM 8

I am brand new to RM and am beginning with RM8. I do not know how to import an file into it. I am seeing a lot of concerns about RM8 am I better starting with RM7 and later updating?

I would advise investing time in learning RM8 quickly straight away rather than learning RM7, then learning how to transfer, then learning RM8, or trying to learn both at the same time.

A lot of issues with RM8 are from those of us used to RM7 who are struggling to work out how to do the same action in 8 where the menus are arranged differently or actions seem to be missing, usually those of a more sophisticated nature that not everyone uses. Now I have explored all around 8 I am getting the hang of the different concept, it basically works fine and its benefits are outweighing its hitches, where there is room for streamlining it in due course and there are often workarounds meantime.


Here is a link to the wiki page for TreeShare which will import your Ancestry tree with sources and media. There is also a video on TreeShare done for RM7 but still applicable. Ancestry TreeShare

Thank you very much, I appreciate your quick response.

look for the ancestry icon in the bottom left corner of the main window. click that and you get a choice to upload a file to ancestry or download one from ancestry.