Biological parent tree opinions

I’m looking for any opinions of the best choice to manage biological paternal relatives which I have never known. I’m using the latest version RM 8.2.0.

Choice 1 - Just create an empty tree of just biological relatives found via DNA, Family Search, etc.
	Seems the safest to me? 
	Might find more names that match my DNA?
	Can't accidentally publish results  to ancestry or Family Search?

Choice 2 - Keep in my current tree marking 2 sets of parents.
	Problems with GEDCOM file? 
	How to exclude biological relatives when uploading to Ancestry or Family Search?
	Can I color code Biological relatives a different color?

Choice 3 split the tree into paternal and maternal.
	Continue to update the new split biological maternal tree.
	Stop updating spilt known paternal tree.
	Continue updating Choice 1  

Choice 4 leave current tree as all are known or biological
	Continue updating Choice 1

I’m asking because I only have a DNA match between 2 biological cousins so far.

I have taken and checked results from 5 DNA tests: 23andMe, Ancestry, Family Tree, LivingDNA, MyHeritage.
None of my known paternal relatives shows up on any test.
No biological paternal relatives are known by my large biological maternal family when I asked if any names were familiar.

I have contacted a couple of known paternal relatives on Ancestry, but their DNA never matches me all the way back to 3rd GGF. One contact on Ancestry was a huge help in looking at her sister, brother and other known cousins that match her DNA but not me. Even known paternal 1st cousins matched her DNA but not me.

This is not life changing as I’m 70 years old and both the biological father and his wife are deceased. The same goes for my biological mother and known father. But I do have 2 potential 1/2 sisters and their children are still alive. My 5 kids and 11 grandkids might find it interesting. Until I have more DNA info, I do not want to upset the biological relatives by accidentally publishing trees with them included nor contact any of them just yet.

I was not adopted by my known father as his name is on my birth certificate and my given last name.

I have already read these articles on the mechanics of how to split trees in RM.

How do I split Family tree into separate Husband and wife

Help on how to split up an existing RM tree.

Dragging and dropping

Splitting databases and then combining them after changes

The choice ultimately comes down to what you are most comfortable with but being in a similar position, I am happy to tell you what I do. In my case it is my paternal grandfather who is misattributed. My Dad, all three of his parents, and his siblings are deceased. My first cousins all know of the situation. In RootsMagic I maintain two trees. One is my complete tree, including my paternal biological line and the paternal presumptive line. This is the tree I have uploaded to Ancestry through TreeShare as a private but searchable tree to which I have attached my DNA. This tree is for proven family. I also keep a separate private but searchable research tree, also uploaded to Ancestry through TreeShare, for those unknown DNA matches. Uploading through TreeShare you have choices whether to include sources, media, private facts or notes etc. Once uploaded and linked any updates are done on a person-by-person basis so it is hard to “accidentally” upload information you wish to remain private. RootsMagic also makes it easy, when creating a GEDCom file, to choose who goes into the file without having to split your tree. When creating a GEDCom file, you also have additional choices to privatize people, include (or not) private facts and/or notes. RootsMagic has color coding that is easily done to help flag those people you wish to be cautious with. See further information about Ancestry TreeShare here: Ancestry TreeShare - RootsMagic Wiki For exporting via GedCom here: Exporting Data - RootsMagic Wiki For Color Coding here: Color Coding People - RootsMagic Wiki To Select people, whether for a group, for color coding or for a GedCom file see RootsMagic Explorer here: RootsMagic Explorer - RootsMagic Wiki

alainemk Thanks so much for sharing the detailed process you use for biological family members. This is exactly what I was trying to figure out without my head exploding!

You are most welcome.