Ancestry TreeShare - Management of Sources

When using TreeShare with Ancestry, it would be great if we could manage Sources that is when clicking on one icon, being able to decide to keep or remove it.
By now, you can only copy from RM to Ancestry or other way, and eveything is copied/duplicated.

Same remark with FamilySearch sync, so usefulness that I stopped syncing Sources…

If you have an older Ancestry Tree that’s been working with TreeShare for a while you may see more duplicates sources when sharing. We had to make changes in earlier version so more sources would upload. The source ID its looking at has changed and that could cause duplicates. If you have a newer tree that shouldn’t be an issue.

My Ancestry is not very old, I did a delete/import new GedCom recently.
And it would be great if we could decide what to do with each Source.