Ancestry Media Download Feature

Ancestry has a useful media download feature new to me but perhaps this is well known. When viewing a media document click the Tools icon–>Print–Print Image and Source data. This downloads a PDF file with the document image, transcript and source citation all in one neat file.

This media file can then be straightened, cropped and enhanced as needed and added to your database and Finder media folder.

Flaw in this forum: you can only upload jpgs and not pdf images.

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One ~can~ click the reply editor’s hyperlink icon and embed a link to a shared filespace where their PDF is (ie. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.).

No help for temp screenshots saved as pdfs to clarify a comment.

So take a screenshot of the PDF image and paste it into the message editor. This one is off my phone.

Does not work if your screenshots are saved as PDFs.

You don’t save the screenshot - you paste it! This one is a clip using the Windows Snip & Sketch tool, pasted from the Windows ClipBoard. Doesn’t matter what the file type is; a screenshot in the ClipBoard is just image data that Discourse recognises as an image when you paste it.

Mac screenshots use the tool that comes as part of the OS. Screenshots are saved in the folder and format chosen by the user and the resulting PDF does not paste in here as an image. Probably a jpg or png format would work but 95% of my genealogy documents work best as pdfs.

If I am able to select web page text or an image that does copy and paste in here.

The proposed relicensing of a major dam on Maine’s Kennebec River has officials and fishers, among others, once again wrestling with difficult questions about the environment and the future of the region’s natural resources.

So does Windows along with a host of other Windows apps but it seems all the ones I’m familiar with go to ClipBoard or into the app and, optionally, to a file, not straight to file.

And, apparently (although I never thought I would be telling a Mac booster), so can Mac:

To copy a screenshot to the Clipboard, press and hold the Control key while you take the screenshot. You can then paste the screenshot somewhere else.
…from Take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support

So try that and try pasting from Clipboard (Ctrl+V in Windows) into a Discourse post.

Experienced Windows user who switched to the mac, not a mac booster.

Screenshots on a mac work as per Apple support link. In my case as previously stated the file captured and autosaved is a PDF file which this forum does not accept either pasted or via the image menu.

Maybe your browser doesn’t support pasting an image from the Clipboard into the Discourse message editor. I found this in an 8-yr old blog from

  • You can only paste in images if you are using Google Chrome. We really, really wanted to get this working on Firefox but were unable to without madness.

I use Chrome on my Android phone and Edge (chromium -based) on my Windows laptop. Maybe you should try Chrome on your Mac.

tomH: I assume Discourse is the forum platform?

Yes Firefox would have been a good choice if feasible.

On macs Safari is the default browser and offers the best speed, OS integration and special features like Reader view and Sharing. Chrome is a terrible choice on a mac due to cpu, memory and battery wastage and is snoopy to boot.

Yes, Discourse is the open source software on which this Community is built.

I read a comment in the Discourse Meta forums that Apple had revised Safari some years ago and that it could paste an image from Clipboard (not a non-image file) into the Discourse Composer (message editor). Make sure you have copied the screenshot into Clipboard, not the PDF file of a screenshot.

I switched from Chrome to Edge for similar reasons. I have read that Chrome was likely to catch up because both are based on open-source Chromium but I’ve not gone back to check.

This reply is using Firefox. And this screenshot was taken with the Windows+Shift+S screen capture and pasted directly into the Composer/Editor.

And this is from a PDF file viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader D (32-bit), using its Edit>Take a Snapshot feature to copy a segment of the screen to the Windows Clipboard and then pasted into this post by Firefox:

The reason for my problem is that screenshots are PNG files and considered images like JPGs while PDFs are not. Screenshots on the mac go both to the clipboard and are autosaved but if the file is a PDF other software will not consider it an image.

I have shifted back to the system default PNG since on the mac Finder quick actions readily combines PNG and JPG files into a combo PDF and a small utility program can convert a combo PDF into a folder of JPGs.

Mac users avoid Adobe Reader since it is such a wonderful malware vector and provides less functionality than the system included Preview image manager.

You can export the image from many PDF files if you wish. I find that has a protection mechanism on their PDF images but on the Mac using Preview, you can usually select it, copy and either paste it to a new document, or Export it as one of several formats.