Ancestor chart export to JPG

Is there a way to create an Ancestor chart and output it to a JPG? The idea is that the chart may be 10 generations wide and 60+ people top to bottom. When that is printed on 8.5x11 of course it is too small to read. I would like to output it to a JPG file that I can load into an image viewer and then expand the image in certain areas and be able to read all the details where it has been expanded. If that doesn’t make sense, ask me questions and we’ll see if we can understand the same thing.

If saved to PDF, can you zoom in without loss of detail? If the chart is drawn with vector graphics and the font is scalable, that should be the case. But a JPG is just a pixellated image which grows fuzzy as you zoom in.


As you expected, that works Tom. As long as I make the “virtual paper” size large enough and tell it not to try to fit to the sheet. Zooms in nicely.

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On mac I screenshot this forum exchange to a png and created a pdf from that. Both at 1000x zoom are readable but the png does seem to be getting a little more fuzzy. I did not realize they would differ.

Any differences between the images from a screenshot have nothing to do with vector graphics. The screen is a raster, the screenshot is a raster, thus both PNG and PDF are rasters. The difference if any is due to possible differences in raster image processing; both will get fuzzy at some level of zooming. Vector graphics do not. That’s why it is used in CAD, else CAD would be pretty useless.