Age of spouse in Marriage Fact

Is there a way to add the spouse’s age in the marriage fact sentence? This is what I have: [Person:casual] [Person:age] and [spouse:casual] <#Couple#was|were> married< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>. <[Desc]>. I would like to add the spouse’s age at the time of the marriage right after [spouse:casual]. Thanks

Is it not [spouse:age]?

I use point form sentences, so my Marriage sentence is a little different than RM’s default Marriage sentence. But my Marriage sentence may be useful anyway.

(carriage return goes here)
(carriage return goes here)
<b>Marriage:</b>< [Date:Plain]><, [Place:Plain]>, [Person:full],< age [Person:Age:plain]> to <[Spouse:full]< age [Spouse:Age:plain]>>.

The double carriage returns in the template have the effect of putting a blank line between the Marriage fact in reports and the first spouse’s timeline which is above and also the effect of starting the Marriage fact itself in a new line in reports.


Tom & Jerry, Sorry for my late response. No matter where I place [spouse:age] in the sentence termplate, it returns a blank space. This is true for both the Global and local sentence templates. (Edit screen for Fact Types, and Customize screen for fact in Person window) I am using RM It feels as if this might be a problem with the latest update? I also inserted it in the sentence template for divorse with same result.

I’m running RM on Windows 10, and it works for me. What was your sentence template after you added [spouse:age] or some variation on that theme?

Jerry, Here it is: [Person:casual] [Person:age] and [spouse:casual] [spouse:age] <#Couple#was|were> married< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>. <[Desc]>.

That’s a flaw in the Preview in the Edit Person screen. Generate a test report and you will see that it works.

Edit #1: it seems that the sentence preview procedure, whether for fact sentences or for citations, is not the same procedure that is used for report generation. There can be a flaw in one but not the other.

Edit #2: the same flaw exists in RM7 and I’m pretty sure it was reported then or even in some earlier version.

Thanks Tom! I may have eventually figured out that it does work in the report, but I doubt that I ever would have figured out the reason why. Thank you, Pete

I confess that when I was investigating this, I just ran a report. I didn’t even look at the Preview in the Edit Person screen. So that’s a good catch on Tom’s part.

I usually run a one generation NEHGS (descendant narrative) report on each person immediately after I edit them. All manner of little foibles and glitches that I have created on the Edit Person screen are glaringly obvious on the report that are not obvious at all from the Edit Person screen itself. Because the RM8/RM9 report viewer is so hard to use, I simply save each report as a PDF as soon as I generate it and use my computer’s standard PDF viewer as my “RM report viewer”.

But back to the issue of the :age qualifier in RM’s sentence templates, there is still one place where I can’t get it to work. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a design weakness or just something I’m doing wrong. Namely, I share the Marriage fact with each of the marriage partners using a role I call Individual_Marriage. This has the salutatory effect of including the marriage fact in the individual timeline in reports for each of the marriage partners. I can get the :age qualifier to work for the first spouse in my sentence for the Individual_Marriage role, but I cannot get the :age qualifier to work for the second spouse. Either a fix or an enhancement from RM or else a suggestion from another user that will actually work would be most appreciated.

i used Pete’s sentence above as I couldn’t quite get yours to work ( excess < >)-- while it just say Joe age 36 married Sally under his info-- on her info it says Sally age 21 married Joe–so you halfway there BUT don’t understand why it won’t show both at one time…–b e easier to put their age under desc if you weren’t using it for something else…

Refer to Tom’s analysis. If you print the report, it does show both at one time. If you look at the preview of the sentence in the Edit Person screen. It only shows one. That seems like a bug.