ADP file won't shut down

I have my rm9 set for an automatic backup to one drive. Since the last update, my one drive shows an error and won’t backup. It shows an ADP file as not closing. I have to reboot the computer to get the file to close before I can continue. Any ideas what is happening differently?

The .adp file is a background file that RM creates during TreeShare data transfers and should delete on completion. It is a sqlite database as is the .rmtree genealogy database. OneDrive is the only cloud sync service that I know of that detects if RM has a sqlite file registered as “open” and automatically pauses syncing it to the cloud. That is highly desirable behaviour that avoids near constant updating of the cloud copy and elevated risk of conflict and potential corruption. However, it is not guaranteed to do so and I’m not even sure it’s a documented feature. So it might be sensible that you suspend OneDrive sync before you open a RM database and only resume sync after closing the database. Or, safer yet, exclude that database folder from sync and only sync your RM created backups folder.

That said, it is troubling that the ADP file is presenting that problem. It is as though the TreeShare activity failed to finish completely or correctly. There have been many reports of broken TreeShare downloads and uploads over the last several months and parallel reports from users of the other software that syncs with Ancestry Trees. That may be at the heart of your problem and will take effort from Ancestry to improve its performance and from RM developers to make RM handle such problems more gracefully.

The only other thing you might do is to run the database tools more frequently but I doubt it will have any effect.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try pausing the sync when using RM. This didn’t show up until the last update. I’ll also try it using the database tools and see if that helps.

You can safely delete the .ADP file once you close TreeShare or RM. It will be in the same file as the database you opened. It will generate a new one the next time TreeShare is opened. It should have deleted automatically but there are variables when it doesn’t.

I would also recommend keeping the database out of OneDrive.