Adding Media Caption

I file my media by caption name and in RM7 I was able to copy my Windows 10 media file name and paste it into my media caption but I don’t seem to be able to do this in in RM8; I have to manually type in the caption narrative. Is this a pending feature or has it been dropped from RM8.

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I don’t actually use the filename as the caption but often my captions are based on it so I copy and paste the filename from the Filename field into the Caption field and modify it as required. I don’t know why you can’t do this.

Terry, thanks for your response. After I have added new media by searching on the filename (as you are aware I cannot get “Drop New Media” to work) I then copy the file name of the image from the File Explorer folder in Windows 10 and try and paste it in the Caption field of RM8 Add Media. What I didn’t mention previously is that when I right click on the Caption field and then click on the drop down paste button, the copied narrative immediately appears in the Date field and not in the Caption field. Furthermore I have tried copy and paste from the RM8 Add Media Filename field but after I have highlighted the text it won’t allow me to copy it. I do not have these issues in RM7.

Hi rwh, if it’s any consolation, I am unable to use copy and paste with the right click of my mouse. I can highlight text but when I right click, nothing happens and this is for all RM8 options, e.g. notes, fields etc. I can use the ctrl keys and the the C&P icons to C&P but just not the mouse. Mouse works fine in RM7 and all other programs but when I queried this, I was advised this was unique to my computer not an issue with RM8.