Add Foster Child to Family

Is there some way to link a child to a family as a Foster Child, but not as an adoptive child. They are adults now with their own husband/wife and children. I would like to link them to myself, and wife identified as Foster Children.

From the child’s perspective you can change the label for the relationship to Foster. In the Edit Person screen, highlight the Parents. Then look at the sidebar. Use the dropdown list under “Relationship to father/mother” to choose.

And that’s as far as it goes. Nowhere else in the system, in reports and other outputs will the Relationship be characterised as “Foster” (unless something has changed in the decade since the one in which this unfinished feature was added). You might get a little farther with another unfinished feature: Shared Events (or ‘Witness’ roles in an event). Create a custom Fact Type, something like “Foster” which would be applied to each child. Add a custom role “FosterParent” and share the event with that role to each foster parent. Design the custom sentences for the Principal (the child) role and the “FosterParent” (‘witness’) role to read the way you want. You will get output reflecting the roles in narrative reports and, without sentences, in FGS and IS reports (I think). None of that may show up in various exports as only a few apps recognise and support RM’s shared events.

The Individual Summary will display this label next to the parent line where it has been designated.

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