Family Group Sheet - Left and Right text in Header still overlap

In the latest version downloaded and installed today, the Left and Right text in the Header still overlap in the Family Group Sheet.
Reported many months ago.
If I save to Word format, Word puts the date on the right side of the header on a second line so the name text does not overlap into the date text.

So the overlap is in the Preview but not in the saved DOCX file? How about the PDF file?

Mac or Windows?

Display scaling?

If I save the FGS to PDF the overlap is there.
Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit.
Display scaling default 100%.
The Left text in the header - Family of … overlaps the Right text (date).
When I save to Word, it puts the date text on a second line, so the text on the left doesn’t overlap.
Obviously depending on the length of the names of the parents the left text may not overlap in all families chosen for the Family Group Sheet.

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I haven’t updated yet but see the overlap in Two things surprised me:

  1. When you copy the overlap in the PDF and paste it into a text editor, both the name and the date text is preserved but now separated.
  2. If the subject name has a period “.” in it, the default filename truncates there. For example “Family of Rev. Harry James and Lottie Dempster” would get the filename “Family of Rev.pdf”.

Try this filing system: JAMES, Rev Harry & DEMPSTER, Lottie - Family of.
How I wish I could remember my class in Business and the Teacher’s explanation from 70+ years ago. It definitely clarified many filing mistakes people made, making files so much easier to locate. Have a great day!

That makes perfectly good sense but is unrelated to the issue with the way RootsMagic transforms the automatically generated report title into the automatically generated filename.