Family Group sheet overlapping title

When I create a family group sheet, the title is overlapping the date area.
Sorry to have so may issues lately.

Hopefully this will help with both of your posted questions—
open your file and go to the report you want
1st check under Layout to make sure it’s set to letter size/ portrait etc-- there are also margins–mine are set at 0.75 that you MIGHT have to mess with later
BUT 1st go down to
APPEARANCE and click on the arrow next to Styles and Fonts --since I don’t see one for Title try changings these down as to font size and maybe the style–start with just default…
These are my settings and I have a very long title name

I think that will work for you BUT if not, try messing with the margins under layout

As a last ditch, I suppose that for some reason, your title is just way to long but don’ see how–in that case , instead of The Family of John Doe and Sarah Smith, you might have to go with John Doe or Sarah Smith-- that can be changed under TITLE–hit the arrow next to title–click on + plus sign–remove couple and put person or spouse

This was VERY helpful! Thank you so much!

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