Will RM9 be able to create links to MYlio.com?

Mylio .com is an indexing program that finds and accumulates all photos, PDFs, docs, audio, and video files in one place. It also saves these in backup vaults that can be on multiple devices, external hard drives, and google drive. The question is whether RM( will be able to establish links to these files without doing it one file at a time.

Peter Thorne

Think this is probably a question that you need to ask support abt directly as it appears nobody in the group has used Mylio .com

RM is only going to establish links to the files through your adding of them. It has no way to work with external services such as Mylio. I don’t know how the Mylio vault is stored, but assuming it collects all files in a specific folder, you will still need to link them to the RM person on an as added basis. Depending on Mylio’s vault, you may be able to use RM’s repair links option and point it to the vault (assuming the files are not compressed into some other file type and they reamin as JPG/PDF/PNG etc.) and let it fix links to the media.

My guess would be probably not, if its anything like Picasa was it can’t find media inside another program.