Figuring Out Who A Media File Is Linked To

Is there a way in RM 9 to determine who a specific media file is linked to when the file name doesn’t doesn’t match anyone in your database? I have a media file that if I rename it will show as a broken link when I run Fix Broken Media Links, but when I change it back to the original name it shows as unbroken. I don’t know who this media file is linked to.

The Multimedia List report will show all linked media along with the person and type of link. Save it to your favorite format and search on the media filename.

Apparently you can see it in the Gallery. Selecting it shows info about it in the right pane. Iirc, there is a Uses> and maybe a number after it. Click on it to see the entities to which it has been tagged.

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Thank you, that worked like a charm and solved several problems for me:-)

Thank you, that was easy and solved several problems for me:-)