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I am unable to find the custom web searches from my conversion from RM7. Am I missing something or did they not come over?

Go to the COMMAND Palette (Looks like a paint palette) in upper right corner. In the list of commands is WEB SEARCH.

That changes the SEARCH page from searching for an individual to searching various web tools for that person. The PROVIDER box is a pull down allowing you to select the website you want to use.

I haven’t used this much, but I think it works best if the person you want to use in your search is highlighted (or the selected individual) prior to opening the search.

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Thanks for the information but this dose not answer my question. I was aware of the standard web search’s provided but I am looking for my custom web search’s that I had created in RM7.

That was something I looked at a long time ago but as I recall, the one customer provider that I had, it did not transfer. I had to recreate it. This was from several months ago.

In Web search, click on Edit providers. The opportunity to create your own is still there. If yours didn’t transfer, it looks like you will have to create again.

Thanks I guess I will have to re-enter or copy and paste should work?

My custom searches transferred over from RM7 to 8.
But I also kept a copy of the url to enter in my OneNote
If it is any help here are a few UK based ones all searching in England.
FreeReg and FreeCen don’t do the parameterised searches.

Ancestry UK

FreeReg (registers)

FreeCen (census)

FreeBMD (GRO BMD records)

FindMyPast UK - General

FindMyPast UK - Census All

FindMyPast UK - 1939 Register

FindMyPast UK - Non-Conformist Datasets