Video, Individual Being Highlighted Without Being Selected After an Individual Is Deleted

Video, an Individual Highlighted Without Being Seleced

I have posted about this problem in other threads, but I decided that a video would clarify what I’m seeing in one particular situation. The video is 5:40 in length. The video has to do with what happens to the highlighted person and the selected person immediately after an individual has been deleted from the database. Essentially, somebody else who has not been deleted becomes highlighted without also having become selected.

I’m hoping this will be declared to be a bug and that it will be fixed. I fear that it will be declared to be a feature instead. If so, then I think it’s a very confusing and confounding feature, and I would wish that the feature could be turned off so that the highlighted person would also be the selected person. If the feature could be turned off, then maybe it could be turned off as an option. Or maybe the feature could be removed from the software completely so that the highlighted person would also always be the selected person.

From some of my previous postings on this issue, you can see that I do realize that there would be other implications in other views and in situations other than immediately after deleting someone from a database. For example, if you filter People List view by “smith, john” without the quotes, it will filter to a list of all the John Smiths in your database and it will highlight one of them without selecting any of them. I find that equally confounding because it looks like somebody is selected when they are only highlighted.

As a reminder, even if only one John Doe is in the database and is included in the filter, then the one John Doe is highlighted without being selected and changing views does not keep him in the new view unless you click on him before changing views. It looks as if there is no need to click on him because he is already highlighted. But you do need to click on him before changing views.

Perhaps a different way to “fix this problem” if you accept that it is a problem would be not to highlight anybody at all when no one is actually selected. Under those circumstances and as a sample size of one, I know that I would have a strong visual cue that I needed to highlight someone before I change views. I would be much happier with that solution than with the way it works now. The feature could be left in place without being turned off, and the behavior of the feature would be much less confounding. You would need to click on somebody to select them, and you would have a strong visual cue that you need to do so.


Confirming this has been reported to development.

Much thanks.

I should be clear that my preferred solution would be that there would always be a highlighted person who is also selected. It shouldn’t matter if the situation is that a filter is being applied to People List view or that I just deleted someone or whatever. What makes the most sense to me is that there would always be a person who is both highlighted and selected.

But if the intent of the design is to support situations where no one is selected, then I could live with that provided that at the same time that no one is selected that no one would be highlighted.


Great explanation and awesome video—and I completely agree with you–this was very annoying when I was deleting people as it would happen quite a bit —THANKS