Using Tree Sare with Ancestry - uploading and downloading Media

I often use Tree Share to download data and media from Ancestry to RM8 and upload data and media from RM8 to Ancestry.
I want to keep all of my media on my RM8 program and not have RM8 upload the media to Ancestry so that my Ancestry has no media stored on it.
Is there a setting I can use on RM8 to download the data and media from Ancestry to RM8 but only upload the data from RM8 to Ancestry/
Cheers and TIA

Simply put, no! This is something many have requested. There is another topic running that touches on this and one person posted his email response from RM in regards to it. I am reposting from that other thread.

It can be done with some manual effort by uploading a new, unsourced tree. When creating a new tree on Ancestry from your RM file, you can unclick the box to upload Sources and Media. After creation, however, adding a new fact to Ancestry the media, if attached to the source, will be uploaded. You can of course, then delete that media from the tree one by one. Updating a fact will give you choices, so you can choose not to upload the source. My Ancestry tree is completely media free (and unsourced) with little effort on my part.

Thank you … that gives me food for thought.

Thank you. I shall use this as an interim until the “brains-trust” at RM8HQ negotiates further with Ancestry.

If you uncheck the media box when uploading a new tree to ancestry and only sync up to ancestry from your database thereafter that should keep all media locally. RM8 currently croaks if I try to include media in a new tree. For me the local database is the master.

Excellent advice … thank you

After uploading a new Ancestry tree without media you will still be faced with media automatically uploading if you update the tree from RM to Ancestry. The only way to stop sending media is to break the media links. If you rename the folder where the media or sub-folders to media are, it will break the media links temporarily so you can update your tree. Just rename the folder back when done and the links will be fixed.

Yes … that is what I have done … and I have also privatised Ancestry. Thank you for your input. Cheers