Using the mouse cursor to move image media

Rather than using the vertical and horizontal scroll bars alongside an image to move it, would it be possible to move the image using the mouse cursor, much like Family Search.


In RM 8, Windows. From any Edit Media window click on the Edit Media icon (the pen icon). This will open a list of viewers to select. I use Windows Photo. This will open a new window and you can resize and move with the mouse. Also this new window is completely separate and will stay open independently of the main program, so you can open as many of these as you want (well, there may be a maximin). So the media can stay open while you are transcribing data, or editing facts in the person’s screen or comparing different documents. Very very useful. Good luck, Carol.

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I totally agree with OP. I’ve been frustrated with image moving and zooming for years. Everyone has a mouse or trackpad with a scroll wheel or gestures for scrolling. But scrolling is also problematic if you’re zoomed in too much. Please update the image viewing window to use modern workflows. We’re not living in the days of Windows 95 anymore.