View Image feature request

When viewing image it would be very very useful if I could hold down the left mouse button and be able to move the image around in the screen. As in my screen shot, when viewing a census record image it is very unwieldly to have to go to the side bars to move the image. In this instance I enlage the image and then want to go to the left to find the name, then I want to be able to move to the right or up to the headings. It is very hard to do this in the present configuration. Also would be very beneficial if the View Image would open in a separate screen so that if I find information I want to add to the person I would not have to close the image in order to do that.

If you click on the Edit (pencil) icon, instead of the view icon it will open the image in the default image viewer on your computer.

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Thanks Renee. That will work for me. Still would be nice if the view image window worked that way and opened in a separate window. The view image window has the information about the image in the right window pane. But using the edit window will work. Appreciate the information. You’re the best.