User Introduction - Kimberly G

Hey y’all

My name’s Kimberly. Since I’m a new community member, I figure the polite thing to do is introduce myself before piping up about stuff.

First, a thank ya to the staff member, whoever you are, that approved my request to join.

From a personal perspective, if you’re familiar with Myers-Briggs, I’m an ENFJ. My greatest joy comes from lifting up others. I like learning about other cultures & languages, and consider myself a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion. Languages I’ve studied include Latin, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and French (which is my strongest 2nd language at B1 level). Some other things I’m interested in include: space exploration, science fiction, backyard birdwatching, Trance electronic music, and I’m a wanna-be hiker. And I can’t stand to be cold. I tell people I’m part lizard, because I’m only happy when it gets to be about 30° C. My favorite movie quote is from Buckaroo Banzai: 'Hey, hey, hey. Hey Now. Don’t be mean. We don’t have to be mean. Cuz remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

From a genealogy perspective, though I’m new to using RootsMagic, I’ve been researching my genealogy for some time. (I do have an app feature request re TreeSync, but as I said, it’d be rude to post that right out of the gate.)

My paternal line is mostly from Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee and Kansas, with a smattering of immigrants from Ireland & Switzerland (that I’ve determined thus far). Most of my maternal line is from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas. According to Ancestry’s DNA ethnicity estimate, I’m about 85% England/Scotland/Wales, 7% Irish and 6% Germanic Europe, which seems spot-on based on what I know.

My ancestors are a mix of saints & sinners, like most of us have: Mine include everything from American Revolutionary Patriot, US House of Rep members, judges & Union volunteers, to enslavers, Confederate volunteers and a Prohibition bootlegger. And more farmers than you can shake a stick at. For my direct ancestors, and a few extended, I light a candle on their birthday and sing them ‘happy birthday’. It’s not really for ancestor ‘veneration’. The saying is you die twice, once when you stop breathing and another the last time someone says your name. So, just doing my part to keep their name alive. The oldest ancestor I knew was my maternal/maternal great-grandmother, who lived to 104.

I maintain personal trees on Ancestry and MyHeritage, with max subscriptions for both. (If y’all need something looked up or to beta test a sync feature, I might be willing to help out occassionally.) I also follow several generations of my ancestors on FamilySearch and Geni, to make sure they stay well-sourced, etc. I bought RootsMagic primarily so I could maintain a decent offline version, in case things go awry, and to use the nifty reporting tools. (I’m a big fan of the Fan Chart, pun intended!)

Find A Grave is a volunteer effort I’ve recently also gotten started on. There’s a cemetery in my area that has quite a few outstanding photo requests and a big GPS gap. When the weather gets nicer, I plan to spend lots of time seeing if I can help that situation. Transcribing headstones is something I enjoy and frequently find really touching. I cry a lot when I transcribe a child’s headstone. I’ve also taken over the memorials for my mom, grand and great-grand parents, shoring those up with obituary transcriptions and some basic data to help others who might be searching.

From a professional perspective, I’m a 3-decade I.T. professional. I’ve held many positions, including system engineer, business analyst and project manager. Even before I was an I.T. professional, I was an avid user of computer systems. I was using the Internet before there was the original Mosaic browser (Lynx, Gopher, FTP, bang addressing anyone?) and was one of the early users of the first commercial ISP, The World by Software Tool & Die Co. My current professional role is where I’m finally in my sweet spot: Agile software development coach. I am Professional Scrum Master (certified by and also hold a Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise (SAFe) cert for RTE. I have a general understanding of relational database terminology and concepts, but I’m not a developer by any means.

Well, that’s more than most probably care to know. But I’m a Chatty Cathy and I’ll talk your ear off, lol.

PS: Forum admin … there’s not really a ‘category’ or tag for user intros, otherwise I’d have used that (instead of ‘question’) so folks could filter out / mute this post if they wanted to.



Great to meet you, maybe we should all be better at introducing ourselves. I found that very interesting. I myself would probably not have touched a computer if it hadn’t been for my husband. He has been around computers most of his life. They had them in his school so he grew up with them.
Sandy Cassel Wilson

Likewise Sandy :blush:. Thank you for enjoying & replying!

It would be kind of nice if this forum had a specific ‘Category’ dedicated to user intros. I know we can add some info to our profiles. But others can’t really reply and converse on those. No chance for personal connections, community-building and sharing.

(I’m grateful to the forum admins for letting my intro stay in a product-specific area.)

Hi Kimberly. I’m Gary, brand-new to this forum, and it’s your fault. Several days ago I was, in my usual disorganized (INFP) way, trying to find software to meet my modest mapping needs without spending my remaining years on it, and your response to @Handy popped up so I joined and found more leads. Thank You. In a bit of reciprocity, but not nearly as elegantly, my school created a D- for me for my one year of French, limited exposure to a few Latin expressions in law school, 50s and 60s rock, some pop and soft jazz, Golden Age SF into the 60s, and space, which has turned all of my SF into fantasy. First played with computers in the late 60s or early 70s (Intro to Fortran) using an IBM 360 with input using a Model 29 Keypunch. I first started playing with genealogy using paper before my first PC. I was delighted when PAF became available. I actually started with RM7 shortly before RM8 while trying to recover as much of my early PAF (2.2?) as possible. Data Rot is a terrible thing. Lots more but I don’t want to get the Hall Monitors mad at me and my cat is doing her “lying on the keyboard” thing that she does when she wants me to go to bed. Thank you again.