Upload RM to Ancestry



I started on Ancestry several years ago and now have downloaded my data to RM. Using RM I have realized that there are so many errors in my Ancestry tree i.e. inconsistent place names, missing sex entry, born before parent’s birth and all of the other “Problem Search” entries. It is so much easier identifing the problems and correcting them in RM.
My thought was to correct everything in RM then upload to a new tree in Ancestry. Good idea? What else should I do to my RM database before I upload to Ancestry. Am I missing anything?
My main repository for data will be in RM. I will use Ancestry mainly for research. Thanks.

disconnect RM from Ancestry, upload and just give a different name in Ancestry so you know the difference

As you progress making corrections in RM run all the database tools to keep it healthy and facilitate ancestry uploads. It is much safer using a program on your computer as the master and an ancestry file as a secondary copy for finding records.

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I would not upload from RM to Ancestry, the uploaded media files ie Census records do not display at all, they are there but just display info.