Upgrade from 2.04a

I’ve been using Rootsmagic ver 2.04a on Windows 10 using a Chrome Browser for years and have created a substantial Gedcom file with many persons. I also have a substantial, independently generated tree on Ancestry.com. I would like to upgrade/move to Rootsmagic 8 to take advantage of all the features version 8 has and be able to bring the two trees into agreement. Can I install version 8 without removing version 2.04?

Yes. There is no connection between the two apps nor cross-connection to their opposite databases.

Aligning an existing Ancestry Tree with an existing database that has had no TreeShare connection with it is strictly a manual compare and edit one person at a time. There is no magic bullet offered by RM8 in that respect. You can TreeShare download your Ancestry Tree to a new RM8 database and the two will initially be aligned. After that, changes in one or the other are helpfully detected by TreeShare for comparison and manual acceptance of updates to the other, one person at a time. Many people experience issues with trying to keep the AMT and RM database in sync through TreeShare. Some forego TreeShare completely, keeping their AMT for research and/or cousin bait independent from their RM database.