Unknown-0 Issue

I am aware that Unknown-0 is used in the database. I have now noticed that the name has changed to one of my people in the database (Brenda HEALEY-0). I don’t have a clue how this changed (or I changed it unwittingly) from Unknown-0. As well as coming up as a spouse where the spouse is unknown, it also pops up on the Relationship Calculator - see image. Brenda Healey remains correctly in the database with her own RIN.
Can anyone help me with getting this to revert to Unknown? Have tried re-installing RM8, carried out Database Tools etc.
Thanks in advance.

I think the standard advice for this situation is to run the database tools, but you have already done that. Therefore, the next step would be to submit a trouble ticket to RM support, support@rootsmagic.com.

I do have to ask, did you run all four database tools and run them in order? Did you run them immediately after starting up RM?

This sounds like what happened to me - twice. It seems happen when trying to enter an unknown (name not known) parent, typically the mother. I gather it is caused by corruption in the db, but running the db tools (many times, and always in the correct order) didn’t seem to solve it for me.
Advice from Support was to Drag and Drop to a new database, but in the event I just exported a GEDCOM and imported it to a new tree. Tedious, but it seems to have worked.
Now I always insert a record using the mother’s married name if I don’t know who she is, and so far so good. But it’s annoying, and I don’t like having to do it.

Jerry, thanks - yes ran database tools several times in order, immediately after starting and other times no difference.
Started a new database and drag n dropped old one into it, seems to have solved it ( as per ftipple’s suggestion).
Thanks again.

Thanks for your reply - drag and dropped to new database and it seems to have worked. Fingers crossed it stays correct.
Just have to keep an eye on it.

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Drag and drop is really a GEDCOM export followed by GEDCOM import. Drag and drop or GEDCOM export/import can certainly solve a lot of problems. The concern is always that data can be lost in the process. See Drag and Drop and GEDCOM data losses with RM

Loss of data can be a problem - I lost my Groups.

Had to the weigh this against the other problem, and on balance chose not to have A N Other - 0

Really annoying though.

Thanks for all the input - I have restored the database from backup due to loss of data as described by Jerry & ftipple. I will live with the now named RIN 0!
I will put a ticket in to support and see what response I receive.