Treeshare and Media

Treeshare allows you to synch with Ancestry when there is a new Person or Fact, or when there are significant changes in existing facts. In some cases there is a ‘Media’ check box, in most cases there is not and associated Media gets uploaded along with everything else.

Some Media is subject to copyright restrictions and should not be ‘published’ which could be held to include making it publicly accessible on an online tree, like Ancestry or Family Search. I’m thinking specifically of the recently released 1921 Census, but it could apply to any image that has been sourced from a commercial genealogy provider. You can choose what you transfer to FS, it’s not quite so clear with Ancestry.

Is there (or should there be) a setting within Treeshare that inhibits the upload by default of any Media that is attached to a Citation - or indeed an option to suppress the transfer of any images at all?

If Ancestry publishes images from the 1921 Census on a publicly available webpage then regardless of who put them there it would be Ancestry that could be in breach of any exclusivity arrangement that Findmypast Limited has with the The National Archives and it is up to them to remove the offending items or risk litigation.

An interesting point. I’ve got all sorts of census and other images on my Ancestry tree from all sorts of sources including some originally recycled from Ancestry itself, which they have never said anything about, and some of which they have even pumped back out as hints.
The point specifically arose in respect of the 1921 Census because I had seen some discussion about it on other forums.
One of the ‘benefits’ of FMP is that once you have ‘bought’ records from them you can continue to access them ‘forever’ regardless of subscription status. If they decided you were in breach of their T&C by circulating their material, they could decide to terminate your account completely so you would lose that access both to the Census data and a whole lot of other stuff going back over some 15 years.