Tools - Change fact type for everyone

Can see that changing the fact type for everyone could be useful.
What could be even more useful, would be having the ability to to change the fact type for a group. For example, say all those that have a “Residence” fact for the 1841 UK Census with a date of 06 Jun 1841. You would then be able to change the fact type to say “Census 1841” for that Group in one hit.
I appreciate this tool has only just been introduced, but this would be a great addition.
As far as I know, no way of globally changing Group fact types at present - happy to be corrected if there is a way in RM.


I suspect that this might seem like an enhancement that would be helpful only to a very few RM users. But I think this enhancement would have very wide applicability and I would be very supportive of it. In general, I think that group filtering needs to be available in many more places in RM than it is.

Confirming suggestion has been reported to development.

Thanks Renee, appreciated.