Support of "geo" uri in web tags

I suggest that the “geo” uri is supported in the web tags. It’s an official uri for geo location, see and also
Now it’s not supported (= clickable), see my screenshot.
screenshot-2024-01-28 10_51_13-C__temp_xxx.html - Notepad++

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That would seem desirable, especially if the “geo” URI is widely supported. However, my limited tests of links on the wikipedia page you referenced worked only on my Android 14 phone (haven’t tried older ones) and failed on:
Chrome-OS - Google Maps opened but on my location, not that of the URI
Chrome on Windows 10 - opened a blank screen
MS Edge on Windows 10 - nothing.

The Windows 10 browsers are the ones of interest for use with RM WebTags. If they don’t work, …

Based upon a “look up” at Internet Engineering Task Force, this is still a proposed standard and has not been approved in the 13 years since it was submitted. Until it is approved by IETF I doubt that any browser developer will implement or support it.

Works also in Win 11 if you install “” from the app store.

I’m looking for a solution to geocode my places in RM.
Because RM does not deal “.” and “,” correct if you do not have an english keyboard setting.
See Request #124601 and discussion “Manually adding latitude and longitude - odd behaviour”.

…and there in lies a problem. Many people have regressed in their ability to install and maintain software on a PC. I blame mobile devices for this. Now you want them to download and install a third party piece of software?

I can’t remember for sure, but I vaguely remember the settings shown below with checkboxes enable some ability to temporarily choose an alternate input method (keyboard language offering) once You click into a field such as You describe. Just offering an option to try:

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Sorry, my mistake: is not the keyboard setting, but the language setting: “de” (my setting) means the “comma point” is “,”, but with “en” (which RM expects) it is “.”. And RM cannot deal with language setting “de”.

I would prefer that the standard browser supports “geo:”. But as long as this isn’t the case, yes, you would have to install additional software.

Seems like it would be quicker to get RM to honor regional settings than having browsers support a new URI.

I can see how frustrating that must be.
Is Long/Lat entry the only regional settings problem that you’ve encountered in RM?

Yes, that’s the only problem I found.

Of course it bothers me that there is no German version.

Yes. Most of my reports go to German speaking relatives as well.
Many apps will recruit their users to create translations of the ui. I wish RM inc would involve their users more. Maybe even make the app open source.