Space after names

I have 2270 people in my tree.

After entering hundreds of citations for about 300 people, I noticed the last letter of the surname was missing in my citations so I went back and added a space after the surname for those citations.

I then went to print a family group sheet for someone and noticed that the last letter was missing on the top line of the family group sheet.

“Family of John Smit and Sally Smal” for example instead of John Smith and Sally Small.

I really do not want to go and edit each name I already have in my tree, but 2270 is better than 10,000, right?

If I do add a space at the end of the surname field, then I have an extra space on the people list screen, for example “Smith , John” instead of “Smith, John”.

If I add a space at the end of the given name field, then I have an extra space between the first and last names.

I have not noticed this situation when entering other items, such as dates, or other fields in citation fields, only in a “name” situation.

Is this a glitch in the new rootsmagic 8?

There seems to be a more general bug that has crept in since the recent update where names are not being rendered properly in reports headers and citations, typically being truncated by one character. I wouldn’t put too much effort into changing all your original entries by adding spaces or full stops, as no doubt it will be corrected in a future update.
I would encourage people to report bugs like this to Tecbnical Support, as the more people complain the higher up the priority list fixing them gets.

I have reported this, here is the response from Renee:
We are confirming that this issue using [Person] in source templates has been reported to development. It is also happening in Report Titles. Until the next update is released you can modify the report title and remove [Person] and manually enter their name. The full name will then appear.