Source or media window divider bar remember location

When you select to add a source or media, The divider bar between source and detail doesn’t remember were you moved it.
Screenshot 2024-06-21 104123
You have to move it everytime you want to add a source or media. I find the top is too short and aways moving the bar down to see the data. It seems that RM should remember where you move the bar to. Also RM doesn’t remember where you open windows, always centers them on the screen.

That’s odd I can’t recreate that. It’s saving it for me. What version, Win or Mac, 32 or 64-bit?

The vertical bar remembers, the horizontal one doesn’t. I’m running version 10 on windows 10. It also did this in version 9 on both windows 10 and 11. If i have too many citations, I have to manually move the bar down. If it go back to main screen and go back the citations for the event the bar is back to the upper part of the screen again.