Source name list

Is it possible to export the informaiton that appers on the Sources page to Excel?

The report for sources prints the source name followed by the footnote format. I’d like something that was just the source names. Ideally, it would also have the number of citations for that source.

I can do screen shots of the page but I haven’t figured out how to copy/paste the info into excel.

I have not used personally – under Publish reports Sources
The reports my take awhile to generate depending on size and options provided

But Excel Option is not available (Word or PDF (or text)
So you would have to manipulate after.

I would just use SQL to retrieve info EXCEL with builtin Powery


PowerToys Text Extractor utility for Windows | Microsoft Learn. One presses Windows key + Shift + T and then clicks a little grid-looking icon for capturing in table-view. Then pasting to incrementing Excel cells.

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I use Snag It, Grab Text feature, it works great! I use Snag It for a a lot of their features.