Source citations attach to facts and or people that weren't selected

I have been having an ongoing problem with RM8 when entering citations and also with trying to share citations. I have installed all of the updates to RM8 and am using Windows 10.

After I click on the “pen” icon to add a citation, select +, and then select a source and enter the citation details, my newly added citation does not attach to the fact that I originally selected. Often times, it ends up attached to a different fact for the subject person and sometimes it has even ended up attached to a completely random person in my database.

Something similar happens when I try and share a fact with other persons. The shared fact ends up attaching to a different fact or a different person.

This doesn’t happen all of the time, it is random but often enough that it has become quite a nuisance. Sometimes it will take 4, 5 or 6 attempts for me to get the citation I am trying to add to the correct fact and/or person.

Does this happen to anyone else? I know it sounds kind of crazy.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Sounds like some corruption in the database or an indexing issues. Go to File, Tools, and run all the Database Tools there.

Thank you for the suggestion.
I ran all of the tools and have already encountered the same problem several times within about 20 minutes of working in my database. I was trying to share a census fact with a spouse and children, and the shared citation attached to the main person’s occupation instead of the census I had selected.
I have submitted a request to technical support as well.

Could it be user error?

Are you going too fast for RM?

Try this default Support suggestion when the database itself is suspect, at the risk of some collateral losses: create a new database file and drag’n’drop everyone into it from the current database. See if the new one works reliably.

Somewhere along the way over the last few months, I wondered if I was in fact, “going to fast”. So I very intentionally slowed down, pausing and counting to three after each click, when entering or trying to share citations. It didn’t matter. I will give your suggestion of a new database a try.

I also think I should note that I have the slide-in workflow enabled and I’m beginning to suspect it may be the actual problem. So I will be testing that out as well.

So far, technical support doesn’t have a solution.

I spent several hours over the weekend working in my database with the Slide-In Workflow feature Disabled. I have been unable to recreate the problems I’ve been having with that feature disabled. As soon as I re-enabled it, I started encountering problems again, leading me to conclude that this feature is causing the errors. Any suggestions, other than keeping it disabled? I really like the feature (aside from the errors it creates!).

That is very surprising, what operating system are you using? I work with the slide-in option on a laptop with Windows 11 and have none of the problems you describe.

I’m using Windows 10.