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Would it be possible for the development team to amend the “Show More Options”, I have just encountered a problem due to age and eyesight. Whilst preparing to move a file to another backup, I accidently pressed “DELETE”, luckily I did find it in the Recycle Bin. BUT would it be possible to add a precaution like “Do you Want to Delete”.

When you click on Delete there is a secondary window that will come up to have you confirm that is what you want to do.

Hello Renee my friend,

Thank you for your reply, I cannot remember I actually saw that second window, it was just that the file disappeared.

Not to worry, must be more careful in future. You are wonderful.

Take care and stay safe, we need you.


I think it’s a Windows thing.

Right click on the recycle bin and select properties
There is a box you can tick “Display delete confirmation dialog” and then tick Apply.

Hope this helps.

@Darth, that is true but it only applies to deleting from the recycle bin, which is irretrievable. I don’t think that is what Bobs was talking about.