Should I use a source template or use a fact

What is the difference between a fact and a source. Which is better for a narrative report? i.e. military separation report,

A fact is something that happened, birth, death, marriage, military service etc. A source it the thing that you got this information from, birth certificate, death certificate, obituary, marriage license, marriage certificate, military separation report etc…

If you are planning a narrative report, then you want/need facts. The above named sources are just proof of the information contained in the facts. A source is a way that any future researchers will have to verify you didn’t just make up all of the details about a person.

Hi! This is very helpful & well written/explained. Thank you so much. Another question: can you add photo’s to this narrative using RM8 publish?
Would you add the photo to the fact?
Thank you!

More information is at

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The only photos included in narrative reports are the single Primary photo tagged to Person (General).

Other non-primary photos for Person, Facts or Couple, Facts can be included in a Scrapbook report for Person or for Couple. Source and Citation photos are not included in any report for a Person or Couple.