Sharing rearranged

Please consider rearranging the Sharing screen by switching the Family Members section and the Other Information section. The other information can be quite long with alternate names, residences, marriages, etc and I find the Family members more important to view.

That would be a major change, and break up the flow for many used to seeing all the person info before seeing parents, spouses, children for the individuals. I often have less other information showing that I do family members. I personally would have an issue having to scroll past a long list of family members just to see the other info on the person Iā€™m focusing on.

Maybe an alternate way to do that would be group and collapse type interface ā€“ but that still would like likely be a pretty major change. Not sure I see a easy way to satisfy most users needs.


There are 18 lines (plus three header lines). I see many more residences, marriages, alternate names, etc in my sharing lists than family members. I am constantly scrolling past all this other information to match family members.

It appears you deal with smaller families and want to see all the other information.

Possibly have a setting to choose to collapse or display the Other Information.

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yes this is what I said the other day. However, from a developer POV this might be harder than it sounds not sure.