Search and Replace Citation Names

The upgrade to RM8 created a new field called Citation Name that didn’t exist in RM7. When importing my RM7 database, RM8 populated the Citation Name field with data from other citation fields that did exist in RM7. The result typically began with a semicolon (:wink: followed by the Date Accessed or one or more additional semicolons, and then the Item/Person of interest and additional details.

This is not the way I would have structured citation names, and I would like to at least get rid of the semicolons and dates. Search and Replace is limited to just a few fields, and Search Everywhere finds words within the text of a citation, but not in the citation name.

Any suggestions on bulk editing of citation names?

Submit an enhancement request and wait an indeterminate time or dive into the bowels of the database with SQLite.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.