RM9 Enhanced Properties List

Good eye! I was only looking at the file path and name. For some reason, I’ve always thought that a media item could only be linked once to a given database. A duplicate in another path could also be linked. But the same file???

In RM4, you could have a unique caption and description for each tag of an item. I objected strenuously to the change in RM5 that restricted caption et al to one set per media item. Case in point is this class picture for which a different caption might be desired for each tag to a different person in the photo.

So I guess a workaround is to link the photo to the database as many times as you want a different caption but that sucks because it clutters up the Media Gallery and misleadingly inflates the Properties list and other reports.

So I go back to my RM5 enhancement requests that the proper way is:

  • Only allow a file to be linked once
  • Support a ‘master’ metadata set (caption, description, location…) per file that is the default for each tag
  • Return to custom metadata at the tag level (RM4) which overrides the ‘default’
  • New: revise the structure to parallel that of Citations in which ‘uses’ have been split from the data: that would interpose between the MultimediaTable and MediaLinkTable a MediaMetadataTable for the custom metadata.
  • Support the reading and writing of master metadata from/to the linked files